The Secrets of Hawthorne House
by Donald Firesmith
Magical Wand Press

"I’m tired of hidin’ from outsidahs, livin’ in the past, and waitin’ for the Goddess tah return while the rest of the world passes us by."

The Hawthorne family moves from their isolated community on the coast of Maine to Indiana to live with their aunt Vivianne, a recluse shrouded in rumors and a mysterious, murderous past. The Mitchell family, recently arrived in the small Indiana town, lives next door. Their shared status as outsiders brings the two older boys from each family together as they navigate bullies, the loss of a parent, and one massive treasure in the Hawthorne House. The biggest hurdle to overcome as the families grow closer is the secret lives of the Hawthornes. When Matt finds out the Hawthornes are druids and druidesses who worship Modron, he is intrigued by the magic they conjure with prayers to the Celtic goddess. Gerallt is willing to trust Matt with his family’s secret, but will the other family members agree to trust outsiders?

Firesmith spins a wonderful story of friendship and taps into the struggle teenagers feel to fit in at school, especially when their circumstances change so dramatically after the death of a parent. Firesmith explores the power of looking past the façade of a person or even a family to see what is on the inside. People are not always what they seem to be and are often misunderstood, especially if they appear different or unusual, like the Hawthorne family. If its heart is friendship, then the soul of the book is magic. Firesmith evokes the wonder of Celtic gods and goddesses in the modern world. With a light touch, magic is unleashed to create havoc for school bullies, clueless teachers, and petty thieves.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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