"Before she could even touch the console, she felt the cold, steely grip of a sentry droid grasp at her right shoulder…"

Gandhi once said that “heroes are made in the hour of defeat.” This is apparent in Pearson’s book, a story of a people’s last gasp for survival when a being known as the Star Devourer threatens to end their life. On the planet of Findang, the Humans align themselves with the Amoreans—an alien race on the same planet—to create cybernetic entities. This aliance, along with the Skorchawk race form Project Trinity, present a final resistance against the Star Devourer. The story takes place through the eyes of these cybernetic creations, and those they align themselves with, as they journey to save their homeland.

Cyborgs don't strike one as particularly dynamic characters, but Pearson's take on cyborgs results in three very relatable characters in Flamberge, Svalinn, and Krohl. The first two characters are human-cybernetic hybrids, and in some ways they are bound to their past humanity. Their past experiences shape the actions that they take within the story and affect the loved ones that they travel with. Krohl, on the other hand, is engineered from Amorean science, making him initially hard to relate with. His experiences throughout the story humanize him to the reader while helping him understand the future of Findang. These experiences lead to some of the unexpected twists within the story.

In addition to the extraordinary, well-thought out character arcs within the story, Pearson also builds a comprehensive world for the characters to live in. The reader will see just how much war tears apart families and alliances and creates perceptions that can misguide those who are in the midst of it. This tale should appeal to readers who enjoy character-driven stories (with action scattered throughout) and reeling plot twists in a cyberpunk, science fiction setting.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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