The Sixth of September
by Callista Bowright
Crest Media Distribution (CMD)

"Suffering is wasted on us if we give in too easily. Strength comes from discipline inside ourselves."

Two British women, Sophie and Olivia, suffer devastating emotional and physical violence and neglect at the same man's hands. Neither knows the other exists, and wickedly charming, handsome Jamaican Ty Benton manages to keep it that way until September 6, 2017. Then his alcoholism and suicidal depression lead to an unlikely phone call that exposes three years of deceit and double betrayal. Well-bred Sophie, now reduced to genteel poverty, meets Olivia, a newly wealthy self-made woman from an abusive working-class background. Ty has preyed on their shared weakness for him. He never expected these two rivals for his affections to unite to bring him to ruin. Even after they discover his true character, both feel a lingering passion for him. Life has taken innocence, loved ones, and financial security from these women. Can they put their formidable combined intelligence ahead of sentiment to prevent Ty from harming other women?

For any reader seeking a plot with a prevalent female protagonist, this book is an appropriate read, particularly since it contains two of them. However, some might be disheartened by the women's willingness to return repeatedly and to varying degrees to Ty's incessant bullying and domination, even after they know how selfish and dangerous he is. This book gives accounts of loving and satisfying relationships between older women and younger men and very effectively removes all stigma from the term "cougar," which both Sophie and Olivia proudly apply to themselves. There is also a subtle commentary on elder abuse, as Ty physically, emotionally, sexually, and financially mistreats Sophie, who is in her seventies. Female entrepreneurs are likely to relate to practical businesswoman Olivia especially. Bowright presents an unusually broad and inclusive picture of what sets someone apart as a self-determined, fulfilled woman of mature years in the twenty-first century.

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