"He is short of stature but a giant among men…a trail blazer throughout his life…inspiring those who were less able."

The Sky Is Not the Limit documents the fascinating life of an Australian ‘hero’ who over six decades has displayed talent across many fields. Ross Hutchison is well-known as dancer and choreographer, health coach, TV personality, philanthropist, harness horse racer…and more. His life has progressed from one open door to the next.

As a child, Hutchison took up dancing for health reasons. His talent and drive would provide opportunities for him, from appearing on TV and dancing with a list of famous people including Liza Minnelli and Sammie Davis, Jr. (an Index provides quick access to locate people named in this 108-page book, which resembles a “Who’s Who” in Australia.) But Hutchison chose to stay in Australia, combining his career with family while pursuing the vision, since a lad of eight, to become a priest and doctor.

Rossco, as many call him, grew up in the Parramatta area east of Sydney in New South Wales. Having relatives still living further inland, in 1986 he moved to Penrith. He became active in that community as a Justice of the Peace and philanthropist. He still practices coaching and healing with alternative methods such as Reiki.

Because Richardson’s subject often wore several ‘hats’ simultaneously, grouping content by career paths rather than chronologically worked better. This experienced author skillfully wove many threads into a book that should please her readers and preserve the history of an Australian Living Legend.

Recording an interesting life does not automatically make a biography or memoir. The author could neither obtain permission to quote all sources nor have personal access to Hutchison. Therefore, she had to depend on others who knew him to validate her research and writing. Overcoming these challenges, Richardson has done an admirable job of documenting the life of a living celebrity. 

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