"'I hope you don’t plan to move, Alyssia? I have grown quite fond of you.' Alyssia touched the Prince’s cheek, 'Where would I go?'"

Alyssia Anne Franklin-Jenkins is at a turning point in her life. Orphaned after a home explosion killed her mother, she has spent the last seven years living with her grandmother Jessica in Welleston Village. When Jessica passes away, Alyssia is ready to pack up and go back to her hometown of Kelton Heights to attend university. A letter from her mother is given to her from Jessica, urging her to reconnect with her estranged father and brother. In order to keep distractions out of her life, Alyssia moves into a rental property attached to Cassious House, a centuries-old manor with a checkered history and the home of a deadly curse. Unable to assimilate to college life like a normal girl her age, Alyssia’s hunt for her family begins in earnest while she also finds herself at the center of a supernatural mystery surrounding the curse of Cassious House.

Drawing inspiration from popular books, television programs, and movies, this novel sets an immediately macabre, gothic tone but balances it with bright, hopeful characters and a support system for Alyssia that keep the reader from being weighed down. Though it has grim events and at times a sinister theme, the aptest comparison for this story is that with a classic fairy tale—one of a destined love separated by a long-standing curse, and an unassuming heroine who must break the spell in order for everyone to live happily ever after. Alyssia’s role as the main character is a delight, as she is often vulnerable and timid but determined and open-hearted. Readers can find glimpses of themselves in her portrayal, making her all the easier to cheer for. Featuring action, mystery, and romance, this book sets up an enchanting tale and leaves the reader eager to start the second book of the series.

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