"His spirit haunts and roams Cassious House looking for his one true love; it's been like this for over three hundred years…"

Three hundred years ago, Prince Timothy Andrew was wrongfully cursed for a murder that he did not commit. A curse was put upon the house in which he lived, the Cassious House in Kelton Heights, trapping all of the good spirits inside. Now the town, and its twin, Welleston Village, thirty miles away, are brought into modern times. Set approximately six weeks following the conclusion of Key’s previous novel, Alyssia Franklin-Jenkins begins to investigate the house when she encounters the prince’s spirit and falls in love. A conspiracy is brewing at the nearby university regarding the new Natural Disasters Research Facility. Secret meetings, conspiracies, and mystery surround the Cassious House. Can Alyssia get to the bottom of everything in time? Is she the key to finally breaking the curse?

Key has created quite the story with a little bit of romance, mystery, and adventure all thrown into one cohesive whole. This is the second book in the series, and it is seamless in continuing on the adventure from the previous novel without leaving new readers out of the loop. There is just enough suspense and thrills to excite readers, but it is never over-the-top and keeps the plot rolling along. While there are some fairly obvious points in the mystery, the remaining ones keep you on your toes and allow for a fun adventure more than anything else. The air of mystery and adventure will hook new readers in, and those familiar with the previous novel will get a continuation of the story they already love.

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