"'Does that mean you’re giving me another chance?' he asked. 'Let’s see if we can both survive this day and maybe you’ll find out.'"

In the world of Element, two gods are opposed in their view of how the world should be. Their creations serve as the instruments of this opposition in massive wars, with humans, elves, giants, and dwarves on one side, and hordes of vicious evil monsters on the other. Stephen Brightflame lives in a time of peace and has risen up in the jousting ranks to represent his hometown in the Warriors’ Tournaments. His fortune carries him into the late rounds when the unthinkable occurs—the city of Celestial is attacked suddenly by monsters led by a mysterious general known as the Hooded Phantom. As peace is brought to a bloody halt, Steve joins up with Ty and Kari, his elf and half-elf friends in order to stand up to this new threat facing the world and avenge the deaths of their loved ones.

With an inventive idea for an origin story of the world, this book blends high fantasy and young adult fiction to create a setting that is fascinating and captivating for anyone looking for an escape. Steve and his friends both old and new are well-rounded, enjoyable characters and are easy for the audience to invest in. Many fantasy books can be difficult to read with both challenging vocabulary and a litany of specialized or invented language, but the author has done a great job at making this story accessible and recommends it for readers as young as 12. There’s plenty of action to move the plot along, and the journey through the world of Element gives the readers plenty to experience and imagine, making this a great fit for fans of fantasy fiction.

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