"The seers of today peer into the ancient past through the lens of ancient manuscripts, and they marvel and accept the truth of what they see."

The author, a self-described Christian ufologist, has developed compelling theories based on his study of the Bible, the Quran, and the Hadiths, taking the book’s title from dire predictions of the end times found in 2 Thessalonians. Milor has seen extraterrestrial phenomena himself, and he grew up with a devout Christian grandmother who claimed to have seen both Jesus incarnate and UFOs. He relates these images to a projection of the end times to come. Beginning with the Biblical description of a race of evil giants, the Nephilim, who he believes caused the great flood, Milor suggests that these shape-changing giants are also the jinns mentioned in Islamic scripture who surrounded the prophet Muhammed. Milor also notes that Muhammed predicted that someone claiming to be Jesus will appear on earth, but that this Jesus will actually be a Muslim–a statement which is, “by definition, a doctrine of the Antichrist.” The author suggests two Antichrist “arrival scenarios”: in one, this being urges humankind to follow Allah (actually Satan in disguise); in another, he produces physically convincing images of angels or “angelic aerial vehicles” to confuse humanity, distracting all but the most sincere believers.

Connecting Biblical admonitions to aspects of Islamic culture that he identifies as sinful—denigration of women, abuse of children, suppression of free speech—Milor presents a vibrant, if not wholly convincing, panorama of a coming apocalypse, revealing Islam as the great villain. His arguments are unapologetically faith-based, and will likely appeal to an audience with similar views. Targeting a readership already attracted to the author’s stated positions, Milor’s book comprises a portrait of the world’s dominant religions locked in struggle and suggests extraterrestrial visitations as part of an impending apocalypse.

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