The Super Easy Guide to Job Searching and Resume Sculpting
by Andrea Charlotte Angell

"Make a good first impression. On average, employers spend less than 30 seconds scanning each resume."

As a professional job search coach with twenty years of experience, Angell is well qualified to discuss the tactics that can get one's resume noticed. From searching for your dream job to confidently handling problematic questions during the interview, this book is your complete guide to career success. The author encourages the reader to work through the book as though it was a professional development course, and as such it is logically organized and easy to navigate.

Readers start out learning the common pitfalls of job searching and why they might not have had success so far. The book explains the value of investing in oneself and building up confidence before hitting the pavement. Angell offers crucial tips for keeping one's application and resume out of the reject pile, including how to answer tricky questions like salary requirements and availability. She explains the process of identifying the desired characteristics of one's next position, building a resume to include only positive and actionable information, and of course handling the all-important interview.

Although much of the information will be recognized by veteran job seekers, Angell does include some distinctive content about less-covered topics, such as how mature job seekers can sell themselves at the interview and how to craft a resume when there isn't much information to draw from (e.g. for high school students and recent college graduates). She also includes lists of transferable skills and a tutorial on the correct use of positive body language to use during the interview. If it's been a while since searching for a new job, pay particular attention to the sections on creating "jist cards" and DVD resumes. Overall, people who have been let go from their job and those who are considering voluntarily leaving their current position for greener pastures are likely to find the book worth their while.

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