The Third Eye
by David Goldstein

"Exploration is the epitome of adventure and Navigators are the luminaries of any Exploration crew."

In the distant future, the galaxy is maintained by The Galactic Union, a collective of planets and societies who promote space exploration and unified peace. The Galactic Union has been locked in a terrible war with the Galani, a hostile race who invade other planets for resources, refuse to join the GU, and engage in deadly, suicidal attacks. Almost all citizens of all beings in the Galactic Union have three eyes, with their third eyes operating as windows to their souls. But the Galani have sealed their third eyes closed in imitation of an evil race, as a fear and intimidation tactic, and to keep the threat of evil alive. But what will the Galactic Union do when they come across a supposed greater evil?

Masquerading as a translated historical fiction novel from the future, this book combines elements of the science fiction genre with political drama to create a fast-paced space adventure that also comments on prejudice and humanity. Divided into three parts, each book focuses on the actions and consequences of its heroes and how those consequences carry over to future generations. The author’s world-building is strong, as well as his characterization. Many of the protagonists are steadfast in their beliefs, which makes for an interesting tension. The author’s concept of the third eye is interesting, as well. He’s combined the phrase “eyes are the windows of the soul” with a physical manifestation of the “third eye,” a spiritual concept found in Hinduism that represents intuition and openness, among other meanings. The marriage of the two suggests a message of emotional honesty. Like any good science fiction, this book succeeds at using hypothetical, fantasy situations to impart relevant commentary on issues of today.

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