"...I have met and talked to 'myself', the me that has lived time after time as man, child and beast!"

Dr. John Dee was a 16th century Hermetic philosopher and mathematician. He served as advisor to Queen Elizabeth, but preferred a private, remote life in which to find answers within himself, infused with energy, Spirits, and Angels. Iles writes as his pen, professing to hear him and transcribe his words for modern-day readers.

The author’s book requires opening the mind to mysticism and one's senses beyond the traditional five. Iles takes readers on a journey into seeing and becoming the light that gives knowledge and inner peace. "I myself...was blessed with communication from the higher realm...and pursued the truths that science was not ready to accept...science still sits stubbornly in the dark, unable to accept that that they cannot touch," claims Dee.

Page after page, every chapter waxes poetic, "A new blank canvas to paint upon life's twists and turns, love and hate, fear and pain, joy and tears; for every experience creates a brush stroke..." Blending many writing techniques, the book is filled with imagery, extended metaphors and descriptions in hopes of achieving Dee's goal of helping others see and feel enlightenment.

Iles’ book explores a plethora of questions that most humans ponder: What is the meaning of our existence? Is God present as our inner voices? Is there an afterlife, and if so, what is it? "The afterlife is a place with no time... a place of healing and reflection where you will be bathed by the Angels themselves as they heal any ill that have befallen you from the life you have just walked," explained a Spirit, answering John Dee's questions. To read this book is to take a deep and spiritual journey, reading the teachings of Dr. John Dee through the pen of a talented, magical, and mystical author.

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