The Tree That Never Grew
by Matilda Nicole Rothon

"The only thing that grew inside Poppy was his sadness."

Poppy is a short tree growing in New York’s Central Park. He has many tall tree friends around him, but Poppy feels sad and alone. All the other trees are growing big and tall, but Poppy doesn’t grow. He is afraid that something is wrong with him and that he will soon die. Poppy grows even more fearful after new trees are planted around him and then soon grow bigger than him. One day, Poppy overhears some men speaking about the trees in the park. They are talking about him and describing how he is a special kind of dwarf oak tree that lives much longer than regular trees. He hears the men say how special and unique he is, and Poppy’s fears melt away as happiness spreads through him.

Rothon is a very talented young author with ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome. She discovered she can express herself better in books, so she decided to become an author. Rothon not only inspires children by overcoming her own personal obstacles but also motivates others by creating expressive books. In this children’s story, she creates a story demonstrating how the vision of others can affect our perceptions. Poppy feels sad because he is not like the other trees. Rothon then shows her young readers that being different is often a blessing. Poppy becomes very happy when he realizes he is a very distinct tree and learns his remarkable characteristics will make him live longer than the other trees. Rothon has produced a thought-provoking, heartwarming children’s story that will remain in the minds of her readers for years to come.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review.

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