The Trial of Mother Goose
by Ricky Kennison

"Pinocchio demands to testify for the prosecution. He claims he saw the whole thing and can’t tell a lie."

The famous fairy tale character, Humpty Dumpty, claims to have been pushed off the wall instead of falling, and Mother Goose is the number one suspect. Although the case was already closed, Detective Charles opens the cold case back up. Many witnesses have been called in for both the plaintiff and the defendant after Judge Scaglia agrees to proceed with the case. Immediately, Mother Goose insists she is innocent; however, she cannot account for where she was when the horrible crime was committed. Coming to her rescue, Mother Goose’s husband claims she was with him all night, giving her an alibi. Still, many other witnesses want to testify, so the case continues. The Three Blind Mice claim to be eyewitnesses, Pinocchio wants to testify because he cannot tell a lie, and Moby Dick claims to know nothing of this fishy story. After several more witnesses, the case is closed, and Mother Goose gets set free on Old MacDonald’s farm.

Kennison has taken background stories of very well-known and loved fairy tale characters and spun them together in the humorous case of Humpty Dumpty’s fall. By combining the fairy tale characters together in one story, the interest of the young reader is peaked from the beginning as the old and new stories fuse together to make a case for saving the beloved and highly regarded children’s character, Mother Goose. Children will recognize the popular characters from the start which will engage them in the story as each familiar character chooses a side during court. Kennison also incorporates multiple humorous phrases based on the popular character’s background stories that will have the readers laughing out loud as the trial moves along.

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