"No one is an addict/alcoholic. Everyone is a child of the Creator, the universe, or God, whatever you name it."

In 126 pages, this book explores the basics of addictions with a focus on the importance of a higher power, whatever that higher power is named. Faith is seen as the most important foundation for everyone, and such faith is what will help one on the journey of recovery. Yet another premise is that addiction is a natural phenomenon of a “profound, unmet need.” The book also explores the treatment program that the author founded: Arizona Pathways. Another pertinent chapter is about the problems of recovery programs and how the Arizona Pathways model of finding natural highs through love and acceptance is the model that is needed.

The subjects examined in this book are quite relevant in today’s world of problematic alcohol and drug use, for the “War on Drugs” doesn’t work, and traditional treatment is only effective for a small percentage of those who participate. The notion is that drugs aren’t the enemy; the enemy is the person’s desire for drugs. and what is needed is faith through “love, compassion, and forgiveness," which is a refreshing look at addiction. While the book’s focus is on any religion/spiritual practice, it mostly follows Christian beliefs. However, if one can focus on naming the type of higher power that fits for them, then the spiritual focus can be utilized by anyone. The focus on not using drugs for various psychiatric conditions may be rather limiting to some. Yet overall, the book is well-written, insightful, and is a nice, basic look into addiction, treatment, and recovery. With its focus on healing instead of punishment, it offers an excellent look at this social problem.

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