"Our successes were determined by the freedoms we, the nation’s people, were given by our Founders . . . not founded in the same manner that other nations were."

This book argues that America has never been a capitalist country. Instead, it inherited a unique free market system from 1623 when William Bradford gave property to individual Pilgrim members. Land ownership was contrary to their European investors’ guidelines for a communal system. However, that year the amount of corn harvested supplied the Plymouth colony’s needs with extra to sell. The Founding Fathers studied various theories on governments and economics. They chose to follow Bradford’s model of a free market. Older nations inherited a monarchy-ruled economy with classes of servants and tradespeople, and Marx and Engels reacted against the European system in The Communist Manifesto. Meanwhile, visitors from these countries marvel at American-owned homes with kitchens filled with gadgets. Addressed in this book are controversial and significant topics such as politicians, slavery, market principles, stock market swings, downturns, and many others. Additionally, the author credits presidents and others who understand our economy’s response to taxes as having come from a business, not political, background.

Shipley’s 321-page book reveals the mind of a serious researcher with a talent for teaching about American business. Prompted by a speaker’s words years ago, Shipley realized that he was one of those who “don’t know and don’t know what they don’t know.” He studied in depth to become a solution to the economic problems America has faced. Shipley’s seventy years of work experience, including twenty years of operating business firms along with his deceased wife, helps inform his narrative. He was also recently awarded a lifetime achievement for business expertise. The author passionately believes that too many Americans have no idea how fortunate they are. His providing of simple to understand explanations on topics such as poverty measurement and minimum wages should help readers to discern facts behind statistics and to better filter news coming from other sources and nations.

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