The Witch’s Blood
by Anne Wall
AuthorHouse UK

"Frustrated threats and deafening screams shattered the tranquility of the once peaceful Scriptorium."

What if you woke up one morning to find that the written word, whether it be in books, on billboard signs, or cards, started to disappear? Unfortunately for Alfie, this is exactly what happens while celebrating Christmas with his family, and it turns his world upside down. As a third installment in the Librarius Quest series, the reader journeys once more with Alfie and his companions on an exciting adventure as he discovers that the cause of the disappearing words is another trick up the Bletherwytch’s sleeve. Will he stop her in time so that the written word doesn’t disappear for good?

Ironically, for a story revolving around the written word disappearing from the world, Wall does a remarkable job of bringing Alfie’s world and thoughts vividly to the page. The reader hangs on the edge as painful betrayals, constant frustrations, and, ultimately, love and friendship follow Alfie on his journey to save the Gilded Lexicon and stop the Bletherwytch once more. The reader will meet a new cast of characters this time around, as well as a couple that will make a grand re-entrance into Alfie’s life. It is evident through Wall’s expert crafting of the emotional ties between Alfie and his friends, and the literary themes that play throughout the story, that both Alfie and the written word are near and dear to her heart. This novel can be read as a stand-alone or in sequence, but either way it will captivate a young audience who wishes to seek out an adventure that will take hold of their imagination and hearts.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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