The Wizard and the Fairy Princess
by H. F. Galloway

"The moment you believe it's possible, most of your dreams will come true."

As an avid storyteller, H. F. Galloway turned a friend's request to be cast as a character in one of her creative endeavors, into the imaginative tale of The Wizard and the Fairy Princess. The story is introduced by an American who seems fascinated by English folklore and spritely fairies. While vacationing in a country of stone circles, ancient castles, and corner pubs, this character eventually finds himself transported to another dimension. Crystal Realm is a beautiful and magical place drenched in vibrant colors and intoxicating scents. This is a land of white unicorns, cheery gnomes, and mystical beings hatched from delicate shells. But keeping with a popular fairytale tradition, evil also abounds in the form of a wicked queen. Here she maintains an army of leprechauns and a right hand henchman known as The Collector. Ultimately it is up to Angelica, a strong and beautiful fairy, and the saving grace of the American knighted as Sir Eric, Wizard of Crystal Realm, to restore peace and order to the kingdom. Legend dictates that this magically intuitive mortal would appear.

The concept of good vs. evil often reigns supreme in such quixotic stories, but Galloway weaves this notable trend within a well-paced and smartly detailed narrative. Here the ugly queen restores her beauty and energy via sips of fairy spirits, captured in a jar. In this world, a day is equal to one hundred mortal years, and a vial of unicorn tears provides wizard's nutrients. From magic coins and mirror portals, to ethereal wisdom from the Lady of the Lake, the story evolves with a positive twist as the queen's dismantled minions choose a high road in helping to destroy the evil rule. In the spirit of magic and wonderment and in tribute to the fantasy genre, Galloway gifts us all with an enchanting, little read.

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