The Yearning Heart: Poems of Contemplation and Stillness
by Hilary K. Sinclair
AuthorHouse UK

"But we cannot abort the process of destruction on our own;
We must live through it, embrace it and savour it."

In a compilation resplendent with thought-provoking imagery and pinpoint use of figurative devices to evoke the desired emotion, it is the full-page illustrations accompanying the prose that audiences will find further captivating. From introspective commentary that elicits a calming, even meditative feel to faith-based poems and contemplations of time, Sinclair’s poetry is expansive and fundamentally sound.

One common sentiment that permeates throughout the poems is understanding time as fleeting, which requires embracing the truth that we will ultimately return to the earth from which we came. Specifically, poems like “Butterflies” and “Déja Vu” show beauty in its most glamorous, impermanent form as it slowly withers away toward imminent death. No poem and illustration combination captures the essence of rejuvenation and renewed vigor toward life like “Spring,” which deploys a litany of figurative language—chiefly alliteration and personification of daffodils yawning and torrents tumbling.

At its core, Sinclair’s poetry explores meaning in an ever-evolving world that has been overrun by materialistic needs and emptiness. Spanning four decades, the author's work examines life from a different lens, one that simultaneously makes one feel alive and happy. An ideal example of this philosophy is found in “Falling,” where audiences can feel the energy imbued within the words as the speaker rappels down a rock, holding the rope still to experience the world from the rarest of vantage points, suspended in midair, in the caress of Mother Nature. Overall, the combination of visceral prose and simply mesmerizing imagery makes Sinclair’s work an enjoyable and enriching experience for poetry enthusiasts and deep thinkers alike.

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