Thomas and the Magic Marble
by David M. Hall
Author House

"You see, you have released me from a terrible spell that has kept me prisoner, and I young sir am now your obedient servant Wing Ling, ready to serve your every wish…"

Thomas Applegate gets more than he could have thought possible at the local junk store when its owner, Mr. Armitage, gives him a bag of marbles. Inside the biggest of the marbles is Wing Ling, a nine inch, one-thousand-year-old magician, who pops out when the marble is broken. Wing Ling happens to be the third magician to his Imperial Majesty the Emperor Ming Ling of the Sun dynasty, but was banished from the kingdom after a jealous magician, Chung Fong, accused him of trying to kill the Emperor. Now that Wing Ling has been freed, he offers Thomas any wish he wants. Thomas wishes to return to China with Wing Ling to clear his name. With the help of Princess Ling Ling, and the magic stone of Pan Doo, Thomas tries to prevent the evil Hi Pong and Chung Fong from taking over the Dynasty, but Pong kills the Emperor and gets control of the stone…or so he thinks. Suddenly trapped inside the stone, the evil Pong is no longer a threat to the Empire. The only problem left now is how to get Thomas home again.

A well-crafted tale about a kind-hearted young boy who finds himself transported back in time to China as it was one thousand years ago. Written for ages 7-12, the story will take young readers on a grand adventure while also giving them a sneak peek into the elaborate ceremonies and rituals of China. Hall's writing is easy to follow and the captivating plot is sure to keep a young reader's attention. Humphrey's illustrations add a level of charm to this delightful tale about the importance of maintaining one's integrity even in the most tumultuous of circumstances.

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