Three Crowns and the Dream Sofa
by Liliane Broberg

"The Dream Sofa had been a royal pride... Its disappearance had shocked every living being in Viz."

The Kingdom of Viz has gradually been sinking into decline. Its rulers—the triplets Bruno, Benjamin, and Bernard—have unwittingly hurt the land they have sworn to protect through their constant bickering, personal idiosyncrasies, and mismanagement of the kingdom's resources. But why have they been such bad kings? What has caused their strange behavior patterns? Although only a few know the truth, as babies the triplets were cursed with a dark magic, and the Dream Sofa, which lent its powers to generations of future monarchs, disappeared from the castle not long after this. As long kept secrets begin to be revealed to the royal family, they also learn that an ancient prophecy about the Bearer—the only person who can lead them to the missing Dream Sofa—is about to be fulfilled. But will they be able to find him?

In a book filled with mystery and magic, the author has crafted a unique tale of sibling rivalry and conflicting personalities. Intriguingly, even though the triplets are the ones who have been cursed and exhibit an individual focus that causes them to often miss the big picture and have conflicts with others, other characters in the book appear to suffer from a similar malady. A prime example is Princess Experalda, the Kings' younger sister, whose jealousy and lust for power blinds her to the truth around her. In contrast, her young daughter Gwendoline is uncannily caring, astute, and wise beyond her years, making the reader wonder if at the end of the series she will be elevated to the throne. Broberg's book leaves many threads like this dangling, a trait that will have fans longing for its sequel.

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