Tick Tock Universe: A Harvester Adventure Series
by Richard Chamberlain
LitFire Publishing

"He realized he didn’t believe any of the others would ever believe what he had just done. Astoundingly, he found it difficult to believe himself."

After fending off the Harvester invasion that almost wiped out the sun and all of life on Earth, Jerome, Katie, AK, and Professor Massey are not treated to a hero’s welcome. Their actions, while saving humanity, altered the course of time, and so their deeds go unrecognized. Katie is reassigned back to Ganymede Station while the Professor returns to lecturing, but nobody seems concerned about Jerome’s improbable disappearance into the crystalline ship. Determined to find him, Katie must wait while AK scours the universe. Meanwhile, Jerome’s abduction makes him a prisoner with a mysterious alien race, but his time in their care leads to an understanding of the origin of the mysterious and nefarious Harvesters and also unlocks unbelievable abilities within Jerome that he must use to stop their plan to return.

With a dizzying touch of theoretical science about the universe, time, and reality itself, this science fiction story spans multiple planets, alien races, and time periods in an attempt to not only get Jerome back but to use the knowledge he has acquired to prevent further catastrophe. The action of the book hits its pace early after recapping the events of the previous book and gives readers enough to suspend their anticipation for what they expect to come. A lot of the concepts and theoretical dialogue can be demanding of its audience’s full attention, but the payoff is extremely rewarding and opens the mind up to exciting possibilities. Often science fiction gets credit for being “hard” and having a root in accuracy and information. With so much to be discovered and comprehended about our world, this novel could prove to fit that same category, answering questions about our world that we seem light years away from understanding.

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