Timeless Treasures
by Inder Saini, M.D.
Trafford Publishing

"My generation is the only link between our rich and glorious ancestral past and bright future of my descendants in this land for time to come."

Possibly the most frustrating part of any genealogical research is the inability to track down accurate family records and histories. Most people live their lives and then die without ever passing on a written account of the events that made them who they were, leaving their immediate descendants the daunting task of trying to recall enough family anecdotes to satisfy the younger generation's curiosity about their ancestors. Determined that this situation will never trouble his own descendants, Dr. Saini has penned a detailed account of his life so that his children's children will be able to fully appreciate their rich heritage.

Born in India in 1942 when the land was still under British rule, the author begins his autobiography by looking backward to his own ancestors who migrated to Delhi from Rajasthan. Although descended from warriors and kings, the Saini clan of the author's childhood often struggled economically. What they did have, though, was a strong sense of family and the desire to improve their lot through education. Out of five sons three became doctors, one became an electrical engineer, and another a speech and hearing specialist. The author's personal journey took him from initial medical training in India to higher studies and a successful career in America.

Unlike many biographical works which focus simply on life's events, Saini's book also includes chapters dedicated to specific topics such as his hobbies, observations, and advice for future generations. While the narrative suffers from some grammatical errors missed in the editing process, this should not cause serious problems for most readers. Overall, the author's tale is a treasure trove of his personal history and views that should help his descendants see him as a person and not just a name.

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