Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox
by J.L. Mayes
Trafford Publishing

"I am now rarely aware of my tinnitus. When I do think of it, the intensity and pitch are usually a soft to medium hiss."

Anyone who suffers from tinnitus (ringing in the ears) knows how debilitating the condition can be even though it is painless. Those who have sought treatment and have been told to "just ignore it" can despair for want of effective relief. The Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox shows there is effective treatment available for both longtime sufferers and those just learning about the condition.

In this well-organized book, Mayes begins by telling her own experience with tinnitus and how she (at first) fruitlessly tried to cope with it. She devotes most of the book to different types of treatment available. Along with a chapter on sleep management, she gives sound enrichment, mind enrichment, and body enrichment each its own chapter, detailing the types of therapy available in each category. Those with hearing loss are guided through hearing loss management in addition to their tinnitus. Perhaps the most useful chapter is the one on alternative therapies, where Mayes (an audiologist with more than 20 years of experience) lists the vitamins, minerals, and supplements that are typically taken for tinnitus and cautions the reader against those that have not been shown in scientific studies to be effective.

It's clear that Mayes was motivated by empathy for those suffering from tinnitus. Citing the details of more than ninety-five cases, she takes the readers through various scenarios where sufferers found a combination of effective treatments. Ironically, she uses no names and therefore misses a chance to personalize the stories. Yet these cases should help eliminate some trial and error for the reader looking for tinnitus relief. Included are a nice bibliography and a list of websites (based in various countries) for those who want to read more.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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