Tinnitus Toolbox Hyperacusis Handbook
by Jan L. Mayes
Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication

"The focus of coping tools is to improve quality of life, whether used alone or with medical treatment."

For people suffering from tinnitus, the world is full of unwanted sounds. Diagnosis and treatments have improved, but many people still do not receive adequate evaluation, therapies, and tools from care providers. This book breaks down, in exhaustive detail, the myriad options available to those suffering from this condition.

Backed by science, personal experience, and professional practice, Mayes succeeds in “creating health” through knowledge, an idea that anchors the author’s Coping Toolbox section. The book shows those living with tinnitus how they can use tools like sound therapy, mind therapy, sleep tools, hearing aids, and hearing protection to find answers and relief. The book is easily organized and navigable for focusing on one particular tool or combining them for maximum trial and error. Both informative and practical, the book explains the hearing system and the distress cycle for tinnitus as well as the brain's processing systems. It also explores evidence-based treatment science and coping tools that are continually evolving and improving with crowdsourced research.

Mayes is exceptionally qualified to inform those searching for help in this area. Her professional reputation and experience in the field of audiology allow her to offer an extensive array of coping techniques and treatments. When a condition has no cure, learning to live in constant distress becomes normalized. Mayes, however, offers hope that something can be done to relieve the suffering associated with tinnitus. With a customizable toolbox grounded in facts and science, coping with tinnitus is possible, and a better quality of life is attainable. Mayes believes in making informed decisions about techniques, products, and services, and this book makes it possible to sort through the options with ease and begin building a toolbox that is effective and empowering.

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