The Tiny Little Scary Mouse
by Christine Shields
Trafford Publishing

"In this house lived a tiny little scary mouse"

Author, Christine Shields, presents an amusing account of a mouse taking up residence in an elderly couple's home. This picture book entertains readers as the mischievous mouse has a bit of enjoyment at the couple's expense. One evening, while the aged couple slept, the tiny mouse crept into their bedroom and climbed the bedpost. As it made its way across the bedding, the mouse scared the little old man and woman. Screaming, they fled in separate directions from their cozy bed. Satisfied with its effort, the mouse curled up in the pillows and fell asleep.

This book is good to read aloud to children as it is set in a large, casual font complemented by simplistic drawings. However, more attention on characters and storyline development are needed. It could also ideal for students learning to read, or English language learners finding it difficult to grasp the language, but there are punctuation, grammar, and stylistic errors, which disrupt fluidity and detract from the story.

Most likely intended for young readers, this brief story demonstrates what may positively effect one person's condition can simultaneously wreak havoc on someone else's. Moreover, adults can effectively teach children a lesson about when something is perceived as seemingly harmless it may, in fact, actually be quite disturbing

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