"I will not tolerate this bestial behavior in the streets of America. We will live free or die. We will walk our streets in peace."

As chronicled in the first book in Cameron’s novel of Earth’s possible future, small colonies have been established on the moon and Mars by the Prometheus group led by the once heavyweight boxing champion, Munro. Much more than a fighter, Munro sees the chaos that has been ensnaring the world and knows it is only a matter of time before wars on Earth will destroy it. He begins a school recruiting highly intelligent children from all over the world. They are trained in languages, firearms, math, science, and politics. He, along with the extraordinary group of individuals working with him, begin gaining positions of power and influence around an increasingly violent and lawless world. The children, predominantly females, become powerful in the worlds of science and politics helped by Munro’s wife, the U.S. President, and his various other loves in foreign countries.

Cameron’s book claims it “explores a likely and potential future.” The book is very political, and much of how its message is viewed will probably depend on the reader’s own political stance. The writing is clear, with plenty of tension, and the plot moves quickly. Many readers may find a developing sense of unease and anger as grown men in the book have sex with underage girls as well as the attempts to justify this action. Outside of that, those readers looking for a highly politicized view of a possible meltdown of the world as we know it with the promise, and hope, of colonizing other planets may find this work quite interesting.

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