Tobey the Zebra and the Adventures of the Yellow Car
by Logan Mifflin
Trafford Publishing

"No matter what his friends might say, Tobey would never give up his daydreams."

Tobey, "everyone's favorite zebra," is fascinated by the yellow car, which tours through the Penny Park Zoo each day. He dreams of taking the wheel and driving the yellow car through the zoo himself, waving at all of the animals as he rolls past even though all of other zoo animals insist, "zebras can't drive yellow cars" and "zebras don't drive yellow cars." Despite his friends' discouraging advice, Tobey holds onto his dream of driving that yellow car, waiting anxiously for the day when he can prove to all of his friends that dreams, even zebra dreams, can come true.

Mifflin's zoo story is a valuable and straightforward lesson in perseverance appropriate for emerging readers. Tobey and all of his friends are rendered in colorful detail, emphasizing Tobey's full range of emotions as he is continually told to give up his dream of driving the cheerful yellow car. The patterned dialog between Tobey and his friends is an artful representation of the perseverance needed to realize dreams in spite of repeated denials, as Tobey is told again and again that he should give up his unreachable goal. In the end, Tobey's fantasy is realized, demonstrating the rewards of remaining determined in the face of adversity. Together, Mifflin's engaging illustrations and triumphant story provide an enjoyable tale that will inspire young readers to keep dreaming.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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