by Phyllis M. Cutler
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"When grandma takes me for a walk she is very proud to walk with me. People stop and say how cute I am."

Toby, a golden labrador with a loving family, tells his story in this “autobiography” of the everyday life of a family dog. Always on the hunt for food scraps and looking forward to visits from grandma or the kids getting home from school, Toby is a lively, energetic dog with a twinkle in his eyes. Despite some necessary leg surgeries and even being afflicted with seizures, Toby doesn’t get slowed down by much thanks to his disposition and the love of his family. From stories of neighborhood walks to the joy of opening presents at Christmas time, Toby recalls all of the special memories and moments of his life shared with his beloved family. Though his energy sometimes gets him into trouble, Toby is always interested in being a “good boy” in the eyes of the people who take care of him and love him.

Between the stories and remembrances of more than a decade, there are plenty of full-color photographs of Toby at various points in his life, whether out on an adventure or relaxing at home. As it is told in the first person, the book obviously employs some imagination and embellishments, but all of these are well within the realm of possibility and serve to endear the reader to Toby’s demeanor. Readers who are already dog lovers or those who are wondering if a dog would be right for them will fall in love with Toby’s story and his photogenic style. Though written through the certainly unbiased affection of his family, there are plenty of funny moments and frustrations that are a very real part of life as a dog owner. Toby’s story is one of belonging and familial love and will likely tug on the heartstrings of any reader.

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