Tommy Learns a Great Secret
by Patricia A. Hughes
Trafford Publishing

"Tommy listened and learned a great secret! If you listen closely... you will learn this secret too!"

Tommy the Turtle wants to go outside and play on a beautiful sunny day even before he notices his friends are also out enjoying the day. When his mother tells him that the condition for him going out to play is that he has to clean his messy room first, despair sets in. Like most children in his position, he believes that cleaning his room is going to be an all-day endeavor that will rob him of the opportunity to go out and play, despite his mother's insistence that if he just focuses on the task, he'll be outside in no time. When it seems like the room won't ever get clean, Tommy's friend, Buckles the Bee, teaches him a trick to making the most tedious of tasks pass by in no time.

With bright, colorful illustrations and expressive characters, the characters of Tommy Learns a Great Secret pop right off the page. As most parents can attest, getting a resistent child to do something seems to take forever, and thanks to this book you can instill good work habits at a young age. The text is fun to read, exciting and captivating, and the pictures do a fantastic job of presenting the material visually to keep your child's attention. A nice bonus is the inclusion of two songs for your child to sing in the text of the book, which enforces learning the same way that television programs have been doing for years.

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