"“[The Tour da’ Maui] is NOT the conventional tourist routine that packs visitors in endless traffic jams. It is a route of adventure that opposes the normal routine."

Readers are invited to take a photographic journey through the gorgeous island of Maui alongside CruiserBob in this beautiful book. The author owned a bike rental business in Maui, and with his degree in photography, he has produced stunning images of the island as well as tourist and islander lifestyles. Combining memoir, travel guide, and some history all into one, this book is a comprehensive journey through the Tour da’ Maui as seen through CruiserBob’s eyes.

Gorgeous photos cover nearly every page, broken up only by relatively short but interesting tales, facts, and details about the island and its incredible contents. Whether you have already visited, are thinking of visiting, or just love to explore new places, this book is a fantastic guide. From the animals to the sunrises and wonders of nature in Maui, this book will inspire the reader to take the bicycle tour through the beautiful island.

The addition of memoir elements from CruiserBob’s life adds a personal touch to the book, including images and stories of his dog Maui (who inspects the bicycling helmets) and his wife, who had been diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. These personal elements breathe new life into the story and photographs. Postcard-style beauty leaps off the page with the many gorgeous photographs throughout the book. Combining personal stories and photographs with the facts and beauty of the island, this is an engaging book whether read deeply or just browsed through. Readers may very well be inspired to visit the island and take the Tour da’ Maui after flipping through the pages of this lovely photographic journey.

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