Town Moose and Country Moose Trade Places
by Michelle Tremblay

"Moral: Trading places with another gives one gratitude for what one has."

When talking one day, friends Maddie and Mack decide trading places would be adventurous and different from their everyday lives since Maddie lives in the exciting city and Mack lives in the laid-back countryside. Together they decide to switch places and meet back in three months to describe their experiences. At first, trading places seems fun as Maddie sees beautiful marsh lands, wide open spaces, and beautiful country. Mack also enjoys his first experiences with the city as he discovers tall buildings, various stores, and many houses. But then trouble begins. Maddie encounters bears, deep snow, an avalanche, and hunters. All the while, Mack is having the same troubles in the city as people constantly shoo him off, mean dogs chase him, and he gets caught in a hammock. When it is time to meet up again, both Mack and Maddie tell each other of their adventures which they did enjoy. However, they both agree that there is no place like home.

Tremblay has written an adventurous and creative children’s story detailing the importance of appreciating what one already possesses and enjoying where one already is in life. She teaches children that while someone else's life may look better, things are not always as they seem. Each person’s residence has both good and bad elements. Therefore, each child must focus on the good of where they live. Tremblay also teaches young readers through her exciting and inquisitive main characters that being aware of one’s surroundings is always important as troubles can be lurking around every corner. Tremblay definitely communicates her moral of having gratitude for what you already have in her detailed descriptions of the various adventures that Mack and Maddie have when trading places.

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