Trading Secrets
by Rachael Eckles
Aphrodite Books

"Fred Warren’s warnings all those weeks ago were legitimate – she was in danger, grave danger."

Beautiful and self-assured, finance executive Celeste Donovan lives a life of luxurious excess. Surrounded by loyal friends and acquaintances, she is happy as a single woman. And because of a past abusive relationship, she has no desire to change her status as such. However, when Celeste meets the mysterious Theodore at a friend's party, she is instantly drawn to him. When he pursues a relationship with her, she finds herself falling for him. Unfortunately, Celeste doesn't realize that her past love, Omar, has been keeping tabs on her. When Theodore is killed in an airplane crash, she believes that Omar is involved. Racked by guilt and grief, Celeste vows to avenge Theodore's death. Omar, however, is more dangerous than she imagines. With not only herself but those she loves in danger, she soon discovers what real fear entails.

Eckles engages readers from beginning to end with this tale of betrayal, love, and international intrigue. She creates a strong, likable protagonist. Though Celeste's lifestyle may be foreign to many, it is still very relatable. For those who enjoy a great love story, the relationship between Celeste and Theodore delivers. Likewise, for those whose tastes lead toward the thrill of clandestine encounters and hair-raising escapes, this novel has plenty to offer. A well-written, descriptive narrative and a fast-paced plot keep the action moving along nicely. There are some explicit sexual encounters in this novel, so it should be reserved for the mature reader. Overall, however, this is a very entertaining read that should keep readers turning the pages with its exciting plot twists.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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