Travel Above the Speed of Light
by Don Keirle

"No matter how good an advance is, there will always be those who will decry it as being insufficient."

Picking up where the last book left off, the members of the Space Administration including the Prof, the Whistler, Captain Johnson, and Henrik Svensson are on the brink of another major discovery. After determining how travelling faster than the speed of light was accomplished, they set out to do so under controlled experiments, warping through the anti-matter rethe through a series of black tunnel entrances and blue tunnel exits. Upon returning from colonizing Stellar Two, a habitable planet outside the Solar System and after experiencing the time-dilation effects of such fast travel, Earth is under the control of a new world order. With the Space Administration dismantled and the Mule's cousin the Donkey in control of most of the world's governments, a coup must be staged to right the course of Earth and resume exploration.

With a hard science-fiction style and a large cast of characters, this tale tackles the wonders of scientific exploration with the restraining difficulties of dealing with nay-sayers and bureaucrats. Readers of the first book will find familiar faces on both sides of the conflict, from the aged but excitable Bill Wild to the treacherous and dangerous Professor Trueblood. The adventure ranges from the journey through the stars and between the ether and the rethe to the underground resistance on Earth dedicated to overthrowing the Donkey's stifling regime. With planets to explore and science to advance, readers will be taken across the galaxy and beyond, then to familiar territory with the coup d'├ętat headquartered largely in the United Kingdom. Filled with human wonder and fantasy, this story reveals one of the big climactic mysteries of the first book and promises many adventures to come later.

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