Traveling With Alzheimer’s: Year Two
by Brian Scott Edwards, MD, FNLA

"With Alzheimer’s, I don’t have the future or the past easily available to me. I mostly have the moment."

Even when presented with a medical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in December 2017, the author of this informative and entertaining book knew that, although life would be different from that point forward, by no means did or should he have to stop enjoying life. Rather than sulk in misery, there was still much in his very fortunate circumstances going for him, and this was no time to slow down. In fact, he and his wife have many major trips and cruises planned for 2020. A doctor himself, Edwards published Waiting For When I Forget I Have Alzheimer’s: Year One, in which he documented the diagnosis and early progression of the disease in February 2019. The current book he sees as part of a series of at least three books telling his inspirational story. The author says he seeks to encourage people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s to relax, enjoy themselves, have fun, and, most importantly, not struggle or miss out on life in the frantic search for a cure.

Edwards shares many humorous anecdotes of living a life in which he is slowly but continuously losing bits of his mind and, most significantly, his memory. But then, memory isn’t always everything it’s cracked up to be, he jokes with the reader. For example, he shares the time he finished grocery shopping, only to transfer all his bagged groceries not into his car but into a completely different shopping cart that was nearby. The author’s ability to laugh at himself, along with the reader, while still maintaining a sense of dignity in the face of a dreaded disease which, over time, robs oneself of true independence, is highly commendable. Edward’s book is truly an engaging and inspiring read.

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