The True Adventures of Brodie the Burmese Dog

by Anna Fernandez Valencia de Hetrick
Trafford Publishing

"Today is Halloween, a day that will always be my favorite day. Today I was adopted."

Brodie is a stray dog, who was found and adopted from the streets of Burma by Eric and Chelsia, who are US diplomats living in Burma. He was born on the property of the US Embassy and adopted on Halloween. While with his new family, Brodie has fun seeing the many sights of the city from his view in the apartment building where his family lives. One day, Brodie gets hit by a car while running after a friend, but his family takes him to a vet where he is treated for a broken leg. After the cast comes off, they realize that his one leg is now shorter that the other. That doesn't stop Brodie, however, as he moves in an RV back to America to meet the rest of the family.

This is a simple, concise children's book, which will teach young children the importance of adoption and kindness. The illustrations are a colorful mix of photographs of monks in red robes, golden temples, and the scenes from Burma's streets, and also drawings of Brodie, done in what appears to be watercolor. The font is large and perfect for the eyes of young readers, to whom this book is targeted. According to the author, "These are all Brodie's true adventures and stories told through my voice." The emphasis is on travel, adoptions, and disabilities. This is a good book for the use in the classroom and to teach youngsters about other cultures in the world around them.

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