"The secret of American success lies in its essentially humanistic values, which are congruent with individual self-actualization or human nature."

In this short book, the focus revolves around the need for a healthier atmosphere through a democratic, humanistic focus on individual and group/organizational (political) self-actualization. The work examines the value of democracy as a product of self-actualization but without the examination of the significant problems in a democratic system. Yet the goal of trying to achieve self-actualization is explored as a way to develop a healthy, world federalism with all countries focusing on a humanistic code. But whose humanistic code are we looking at with so much variance of who and what we see as healthy? What is the individual consciousness, and what is the collective consciousness?

At times, the presentation is a refreshing, hopeful look at trying to unite the world. The author’s belief that we can achieve greater democracy, greater humanity, greater goals, and greater achievements is especially interesting in these times of significant upheaval in the current U.S. and world political climates. The focus on our need for self-actualization is important, and the author does good work in identifying such a need for each of us individually as well as for all nations. This, as he notes, would be valuable for a “new and stronger international identity” which is sorely needed. However, it remains to be seen if all countries, including dictatorships, would have the desire to achieve the lofty goal of self-actualization for all or would be willing to fall in line with the world federalism policy. Still, the book’s premises are thoughtful and allow one to focus on how we can change the world for the better—for as he notes, humanistic democracy is a worthwhile goal especially in the face of the authoritarian systems that currently exist.

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