Turning Up for Life: The Lost Manuscript
by Bill Aronson
Enterprise Designer Institute

"Transformation is startling, playful, touching and inspiring. It is also better, faster and cheaper than change and can result in a 300% increase in return on investment."

Aronson uses a combination of interviews, poetry, life examples, and musings to describe his perspectives on "Transformation"—self awareness, consciousness, and direction, among other virtues. By exercising our virtues, humans can examine our personal motivations, and ultimately change our structures, our organizations, and the Earth.

The author doesn't hold back. His perspectives do not seem to be entirely unique, since some of his concepts seem to echo those of Jesus, The Buddha, Dale Carnegie, Saint-Exupéry, Solzhenitsyn, and Transcendental Meditation, to name some examples, but what good company! Aronson applies his perspectives without limits, aiming for large results, such as a state of being that eliminates cancer from the body when the person "discovers how to live again." Aronson explains, "Change arises from the mind. Transformation is an expression of being. Change creates disappointment. Transformation creates surprise."

One of the author's nice metaphors involving transcendence is the birth of a daughter. "'Oh, god [sic], she is beautiful,' I say as the tears well up. In the background my mind begs to disagree... My mind sees her and remarks she is ugly. But my heart doesn't listen. For the first time I love another without condition."

This book reaches out in many directions to show its readers the possibilities of Transformation. It is truly enjoyable; best savored over time.

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