Two Bodies One Soul: Brothers
by Alannah King

"He never unraveled anything about them, if anything the mystery swelled as the years went by."

The Maverick clan is about to induct two new vampires into the family: Tristen and Lukas. Although they look like small children, they are actually young men and have been in service to the Mavericks for more than twenty years. While Jak, head of the clan, has tried to help the boys age their bodies, no potion has worked. Most family members love the boys, but one clan member does not feel the same way—Maliki, Jak’s younger brother. Before the induction, Jaquelin, Jak’s sister, takes the boys into town to get new clothing for the induction party. While in Hardin, Tristen slips away for a small taste of freedom as the boys have been hidden from the outside world and forced to stay within the grounds of the Maverick mansion. While out, Tristen meets another vampire named Vincent Summerset who insists Tristen and Lukas are vampire masters of their own. How did Tristen and Lukas come to live with the Mavericks? Neither knows because neither can remember their past at all.

King has generated a fascinating story of a high society vampire clan in her favorite genre: horror. King began writing at the age of six, but her taste for the horror genre began in middle school and has become her desired genre for writing ever since. This is extremely evident in her bewitching novel that will keep her readers guessing what is next to come for her troubled young characters. King lends mystery to the character’s background from the very beginning of her novel, continuing even to the last page, which will leave her readers wanting to learn even more about the history of Tristen and Lukas. Readers will be anxiously awaiting the next chapter in the lives of these mysterious characters.

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