Tyrannosaurus Rex In:
I've Got to Start Changing My Ways
by Ellis Hogan Trafford Publishing

"This is a new day! I'm changing my ways! I want friends."

The first book in the Tryannosaurus Rex series tells the tale of a T-Rex who finds himself sad, lonely, and friendless. Due to his meat-eating tendencies, the other dinosaurs are afraid of him and he decides the only way he will be able to befriend his fellow dinosaurs is to change his eating habits. On this life-changing journey, T-Rex announces to dinosaurs all around that he is changing his ways and will only eat straw. He quickly realizes that eating straw isn't as satisfying as eating other dinosaurs and his impending hunger leads him back to his old ways. In the end, T-Rex decides the only friends he will ever have are other T-Rexs like himself.

Through his detailed illustrations and an interesting storyline, author and illustrator Ellis Hogan has created a book for young readers that conveys the valuable message of self-acceptance. This short story encourages children to accept themselves just as they are without compromising their inner being in order to fit in with others. However, that is not all they will learn. Hogan has also included the names of the other dinosaurs throughout the full-page illustrations so children have the opportunity to not only learn a valuable life lesson, but also gain practical knowledge as well.

This book is a good choice for parents to share with their children at bedtime, however it may be difficult for children to read on their own due the sometimes awkward flow. With that said, Tyrannosaurus Rex In: I've Got To Start Changing My Ways is a book that parents can use to help teach children the important lesson of self-acceptance.

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