"I lived my life... in a paranoid and suicidal state, for... twenty-one years. When the depression and suicidal state ended, the paranoia continued for another twelve years."

Fina’s account of her years of living with schizophrenia and bipolar disease is an unfeigned tale of her struggle to become healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually. Her autobiography begins with her account of a childhood in which she was abused physically and emotionally by her father. The story is heartbreaking, and Fina pulls the reader into her brutally honest account from the first page of this book. This straightforward recounting of her battles continues as she relates the events of her life after leaving home at an early age and falling into an unconventional lifestyle.

The author’s account of her spiral into mental illness brings the reader into her struggle with an authentic voice that leaves one with a new understanding of what it’s like to suffer from the disorder. Though only 74 pages in length, this book speaks volumes. Fina is to be commended not only for her ability to conquer her illness and find a way to live a full and fruitful life but also for her unabashed sharing of its symptoms. Anyone wishing to know what it’s like to live with a mental illness will find this book enlightening. It shines a light on the frustrating and frightening process of being diagnosed and searching for the best treatment. For Fina, it is a combination of healthy living and spirituality.

Fina shares her life experiences from a new-found clarity of wellness. Each line is a testament to the human capacity to overcome great obstacles and emerge intact. The author’s brave sharing of her life through the writing of this book will stay with readers long after they have finished reading it.

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