by David Bailor

"It was child's play to alter photos and change the characters around... Darryl was right. There was some kind of set up or cover up going on."

The City of David, located underground and surrounded by walls, was constructed to protect all families and provide a safe home after a war over oil. Lara, a strong-willed reporter for the City of David, encounters many issues within the city after her father, Jimmy Coste, is wrongly accused of participating in the Drug Cartel.

Now with the City of David under constant surveillance and a fear of outsiders breaching through the walls, the Mayor of the city is proving to be covering up an involvement in the Drug Cartel and placing the blame on Jimmy Coste. Lara's life is at stake, as she starts to investigate this case to exploit the truth behind the inner workings of the city. With the help of Darryl Tyson, Lara begins to uncover the truth, facing doctored pictures, deadly assassins, and hidden entrances throughout the city. She will stop at nothing to expose the truth behind a city that meant well, but has now put its inhabitants in danger.

Bailor incorporates features of realistic fiction within a utopian setting to capture the effects of crooked citizens and those who live to better the common good. Elements of crime also make its way into this novel, showing different perspectives of the motivation behind the Cartel and those trying to protect the Underground. Readers will appreciate the strong female lead and her willingness to save her small, secret, society as well as her determination and poise. The author reveals themes of corruption and secrecy, showing that human nature will find a way to complicate even a safely created society. As characters emerge and The City of David unravels its secrets, Underground carries a thrilling tone and questions the rules of humankind.

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