by J. Carroll Kerr
Trafford Publishing

"As I explored her body, she explored mine with a deliberate passion that would not be denied or disappointed."

In this collection of short stories, intimate encounters and unrelenting lust take center stage as a diverse collection of narrators relate their most intimate moments. From massage parlors where anything goes in the name of relaxation to an exhibitionist family next door that entices too much, nothing is taboo or too risqué to relate. Even encounters with the supernatural are chronicled, whether it's a succubus working the streets or a soul trapped in a cursed mirror burning with passion. Each story is unique and offers the reader something that they, as the title suggests, may not have expected but will probably find exciting and too tempting to put down. With anything possible behind closed doors, any seemingly normal circumstance could prove to be the catalyst for an unforgettable moment.

The strength of this collection is the flexibility the author puts onto the page. There is just as much credibility to the man who gets too close to a carefully guarded prostitute as there is humanity in the unrequited love made into reality after a teenage lover's later divorce. Entertainment, imagination, and a willingness to try anything are the only requirements for readers, who will be just as interested in tales of wedding hookups as they will be with fantastical stories revolving around voodoo love potions and vampires. The content is obviously geared toward an adult audience due to the subject matter, but like the characters in the book's stories, if you come in with an open mind, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find on these pages.

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