Unfinished Love Story
by Deb Seevers
Trafford Publishing

"I hope it was inspirational, and you can take courage knowing that God wants to perform a miracle in your life, and when he does, give him all the glory. And promise me that when those things that don't seem like miracles happen in your life, you will step back when they have passed and find the miracle with YOU!"

Written in three parts, this book begins with a college girl's perspective, including simple and very personal dialogue, "I was a typical college student—drunk, ha-ha—sitting at a party… when he walked by." The author reveals intimate details about partying, sex, and jealousy in the early days of her relationship with her future husband, Ryan. The conversations and revelations are often written in an elementary, school girl-like style giving more details about college life than most parents care to hear.

The second section offers insight into the love, longings, and losses of a new marriage and parenthood. With more maturity, honesty, and raw emotion, the author shares her many struggles including multiple miscarriages and adoption. Knowing that miscarriages of wanted babies can be very difficult, it is easy to feel the pain and disappointment that naturally follows such losses. Wondering about whether one will ever parent a live child is a normal response that weighs heavy on the heart. Throughout it all, Ryan proves his love and protection over and over. Accepting the outcomes as miracles from God and a blessing from her husband, Deb moves forward.

A health crisis provides Miracle #3 in the final section. With a stronger faith in God and with the strength that comes from a rock solid marriage, a window of vulnerability and pain opens. The author offers a look into typical family dynamics after receiving an earth-shattering diagnosis. Again, she reveals how much the support of her husband carries her forward despite her misgivings. This simplistically written true story could be anyone's story—anyone who has faith in a higher power and who has been deeply loved before, during and after some of life's bigger challenges, that is. Although the dialogue is at times ordinary, the author does have a love story to share.

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