Unsung Lord of Siyah Chan
by Joan C Wrenn
OutSkirts Press, Inc.

"Only a dull ache remained. Was it over? Was he in the World of the Ancestors finally?"

The much-anticipated sequel to Young Lords of Siyah Chan, the story picks up as Yoaat Balam finally takes his place as the Ahaw. But becoming the lord of his city-state doesn’t just mean putting aside his passion for astronomy; it also means taking on the hardships to come. Events beyond his control cause pandemonium among his people—floods, famine, illness, and even the threat of enemies overtaking allied cities. Yoaat will enforce new rituals and ceremonies to try to appease the gods, but will it be enough? With the help of his family, Yoaat will try to unite his people before treachery destroys them all. Can he bring his people together as one as Siyah Chan, or will his efforts fade away in history as another forgotten reign?

The continuation of this series won’t disappoint, as fans of the first book will be enamored with this sequel’s ability to hook readers. Unlike other sequels in a series, this book does not punish newcomers for not reading its predecessor. It instead allows new readers to meld themselves into the story without taking away from the experience of those who have read the first book. The story itself is interesting and keeps you turning the pages, without bogging down in too many details that can often plague this genre. It is balanced, giving enough story to keep readers interested while instilling the information and facts that the story is based around. Yooat remains an incredibly relatable and interesting character, becoming a stronger presence and voice as he ascends into his new position as Ahaw.

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