Until Next Time
by Nictoria Robbins

"[The text] read, 'Enjoyed the other night, hope to do it again. Until next time.' Kirsten just shook her head; the thought crossed her mind again: Well, we will see about that, but she already knew that if Jake called, she would go to him."

After a series of failed relationships, Kirsten is afraid to trust. She builds walls around herself, sabotaging any love life she might have. Then along comes Jake. What begins as a purely physical relationship develops into an obsession as Kirsten longs and lusts for this new man in her life. But Jake has his own walls, and the chances of the lovers opening up to each other are slight. As their carnal meetings continue, Kirsten finds herself craving this man's body—and his trust.

As the book progresses, it becomes clear that Kirsten is nothing but a willing toy: She knows she's being used by Jake for his personal pleasures, but she is too addicted to turn down his come-ons—even when she ends up physically hurt. This novel is a purely physical pleasure, offering little in the way of character progression; Kirsten begins the story insecure and only grows more so over the course of the book. The sex, on the other hand, is plentiful and satisfying, portrayed in a mix of crude and sensual language. If you're looking for a purely carnal read, this book will fuel your fantasies. Every sexual scene adds something news to the mix, such as an exciting new location, food, or a blindfold. Like Kirsten, the reader never knows what the mysterious Jake has planned next.

Aside from the occasional exchange of pleasantries, Kirsten and Jake have no emotional or personal connection to each other. Yet Kirsten still finds herself drawn to him and jumps at any invitation he sends. All the while she is taunted and teased by Jake's promises of future rendezvous, ending each meeting with: "Until next time."

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