Upsizing in a Downsizing World
by Jeannette Chau

"Many people feel lost and cut adrift when forced to experience downsizing."

Being downsized can be an emotional rollercoaster. Not only is there the loss of a steady paycheck to deal with, but the stress of finding a new job, rebuilding a shattered self-confidence, and the challenge of keeping a positive attitude throughout the process.

Chau knows all too well how it feels to be downsized. After spending nearly twenty years with a company, she received the dreaded news. Her productive career all of a sudden came to a halt, without any warning. "The analogy that losing a job is like a death of a family member is a good one." Hoping to provide comfort and encouragement to fellow downsized employees, Chau shares her journey about coming to grips with being downsized. It's a candid look at the emotions she felt, her thoughts, and lessons learned as she rode the downsizing wave. Readers are given a full circle account beginning on that fateful day to Chau finding another position.

A variety of topics are tackled including how to tell family and friends, dealing with emotions, handling finances, and severance pay. She shares her experiences working with career consultants, searching for jobs, creating a "toolbox," and why companies should not downsize. Entrepreneurship, franchise opportunities, and returning to school options are explored. Each chapter ends with a list of lessons learned. This isn't a traditional "How-To" job search manual, written by professional career counselors, filled with detailed advice. Instead, readers are treated to one woman's honest account of being downsized and the steps she took to bounce back and succeed.

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