Urantia the Earth–The Origin of it All:
Exploratory Journeys in The Urantia Book
by Nicholas P. Snoek Trafford Publishing

"We are no longer bound by the accident of history; we are able to explore alternative narratives in free society."

A small, pocket-sized road map in comparison to the larger tome it is meant to accompany, Nicholas P. Snoek's Urantia the Earth–the Origin of It All: Exploratory Journeys in the Urantia Book is an aid to guide the dedicated reader through The Urantia Book, a controversial philosophical and religious book with no known author, released to the public in 1955. Snoek is diligent in his extensive and meticulous explanations of the original book's difficult subjects which range from life on Earth to its existence at the outer reaches of the Universe.

The author begins each chapter of his book with excerpts of his own poetry that are reflective of each chapter's content. These poetic pauses allow the reader to have an easy segue from one dense subject to the next. Without these small reflections and insights, Snoek's reader would be lost in the larger framing of his book.

Modeling his work to appear as though it were a light textbook on the subject, Snoek includes a glossary, bibliography, and hundreds of textual references to the original Urantia which can greatly help the reader interested in grasping these weighty and controversial topics, and establishing the larger and intricate connections between them. A few of the deeply intense, highly debated, and controversial subjects addresses in Snoek's book are approaches to bible study, creationism, and evolution; however, the author describes these issues in a flexible and easy to comprehend format. Urantia the Earth is an engaging book for the reader interested in theories of the greater cosmological make-up of the known Universe and humanity's place in it.

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