Victor and the Sub Orb
by Amy Nielsen

"What if the sun orb falls into evil hands? Then Solandia will live in darkness."

Victor, a sun fairy, is born to the King and Queen of Amoretto. It is his unfortunate luck that on the night of his baptism, he is cursed by a mysterious entity with glowing red eyes. His fate? To become human when he turns thirteen. For Victor, this not only means losing his magical abilities but also going into exile. While the kingdom's advisors scrambles to find a way to break the curse, Victor is trained on how to survive as a human. In a test of wits, strength, and courage, Victor will be dragged to into the depths of the underworld, questing to find the sun orb and the mysterious entity that cursed him.

Anais Nin once said that, "It is the function of art to renew our perception." The author of Victor and the Sun Orb does just that by taking a fresh take on traditional fairy folklore. It is not uncommon in folklore for fairies to lure humans to the realm on the fae, never to be seen again. It is intriguing, thought to see a fairy become human and understand his struggles to adapt. It makes this story stand out while appealing to young adults.

Nielsen's writing depicts the fairy realm as more human than typically portrayed, yet she weaves a fantastical tale that embraces the familiar magical charm of classic fairytales and mythology. The reader will appreciate the complexities the story presents, particularly that of what it means to live the consequences of one's actions.

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