View to the Maze
by Ujaz Tresong
Author Reputation Press

"Lucid flashes few and far,
their grip tenuous
amidst the babble."

Tresong's unique creation invites the reader into deep consideration of a variety of topics. Each section is a small nugget of wisdom and insight. Some of the offerings contain a refreshing hint of witty humor, while others are pure poetic perfection. Tinged with a philosophical approach, these pieces are carefully constructed and compassionate. The longest poems are no more than one page, while many do the trick with a simple two or four lines. Metaphysical in nature, these short and direct poems offer analysis into the universe and our lives.

At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Tresong's book is somewhat reminiscent of Khalil Gibran's literary and poetic masterpiece, The Prophet. Comparing any work to a classic in the genre is an extremely high compliment. However, a good many of this book's best insights are, indeed, just about on par with those found in Gibran's best and most beloved books of poetry. For example, the author writes, "For we know innately as created beings / the nature of creation— / the answers are there in waiting, / for questions to coax them out."

A native of Sydney, the semi-retired poet is involved with helping the poor and marginalized. Here, the writing and diction choices of his book utilize an economy of language which leaves the reader impressed, understanding that too much of what could be said (but is left to silence) is simply unnecessary and counterproductive. Every word in this impressive work counts. This rare gem of a book would make a great, compassionate gift—either for oneself or a loved one.

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