Vision Speak
by Eden Remme Watt
Future Day Publications

"Leaning back, Willow resolved to find her way again, relaxing her mind and body in the way she had been taught, focusing inwards."

After the death of her great grandmother Elzabeth, young Willow's life goes from complicated to chaotic. Preparing for a life in the Artist's Community in the futuristic Republic, Willow's time spent with Elzabeth learning about her belief in the meditative practice of Vision Speak transforms her life completely. Proving to be something of a prodigy, Elzabeth entrusts Willow with her journals after her death, involving Willow in family drama, the leaders of the Vision Speak community, state secrets, and even a shadowy cult that threatens to end the world. Now everybody seems to want something from Willow while she simply wants to fade into the background. As world leaders, religious zealots, and her own heart are on a collision course, Willow must make sense of the confusing past of her family in order to protect everyone's future.

Blending science fiction, philosophical musings, and allegories to the real world in perfect measures, this is a story that proved too powerful to put down. At first glance, it appears to be standard young adult fare, adventurous and optimistic, but the number of subterfuges and spies on every page lends itself to something more sinister, dark, and ultimately fulfilling for older readers. Each chapter opens with a quote from a philosopher, scientist, author, religious figure, or anyone with valuable insight into the human soul and psyche, a concept that proves itself in the following pages without feeling preachy or heavy-handed. This book is powerful, its vision clear, its storytelling tight and riveting. Vision Speak is worth reading for anybody who can appreciate its immense amount of creativity.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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